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Are you old or just feeling old?

Why do we say someone is old?

What is the criteria for being old... Most women think it has to do with wrinkles but mostly people get grouped as old, by the way they move.

What makes us so stiff and rigid, no not age.

What have you done for your body in the last 10 years?

Have you treated it with kindness?

Structurally the restriction in the joints, prohibits our freedom of movement.

If we can move in all the planes (forward, backwards rotate left and right) with ease, we will feel so much better, lighter and younger. Less pain and discomfort guaranteed.

We can’t take a pill for that we just need to move our bodies in the right way, with assistance.

Welcome to Fascia Fitness where we teach our bodies to move in different directions with assistance of the hammock.

Anti-ageing, injury prevention and induced awareness of what is happening in your own body.

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