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How did Fascial Fitness Change my life?

Pause Apparel and fitness studio have been open for a month now.

During the last 12 years of treating people in pain, I needed something else. I realised that MFR treatment is the most effective way of treating people in pain, but what happens after the treatment is even more important. The way we train, sit, stand and walk, plays such a huge role in staying pain-free.

Hello, Fascial Fitness.

I did a fascial fitness training course in 2012 in London with Robert Schleip and Joanne Avison. I did an updated course now this year on all the latest research regarding the role of fascia in different training modalities.

I am so surprised by the changes I’ve seen in people doing fascia fitness 2 x a week and those who do it once a week.

The benefit after one month in hip rotation. Wow, I am totally amazed.

I had a Pilates studio for 10 years, but never saw anything like this at all.

The balance between internal and external rotation is mind-blowing. The improvement in the people’s balance and the strength in their hands is just amazing.

My own hip mobility has improved so much. I’m not that great with measuring in percentages, but man I am so happy with my own improvement in mobility and then of course rotation... You know when you have to turn your head, you're so used to your own limit. Now it can rotate so much further with ease. That is the magic, movement with ease.

To teach fascia fitness which has no “system" but only basic principles gives you so much more room for variety. I teach the individual and that makes a huge difference.

This is definitely for everyone – even kids sitting behind those screens most of the time, and people that struggle with mobility.

Make your body a priority, and you will be grateful for a very long time.

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